Websites and Marketing that work together to make you more money.

On time. On budget. And on target.

You shouldn't have to send people to your website.

Your website should send people to you.

But just because your website exists doesn’t guarantee that will happen.

I can help incorporate your website into a comprehensive marketing plan that will bring more customers to your door, and put more money in your pocket.

Anyone can build a beautiful website these days.

Creating a beautiful website used to be hard. But thanks to all the amazing drag-n-drop website builders and ready-made themes and templates available today, it’s become a much easier target to hit. So easy that even a Stormtrooper can’t miss.

But to build a high-performing website that not only looks great but will rank well in search engines and reliably do the work of converting cold leads into paying customers?

THAT takes a Jedi.

Yeah… I’m comparing myself to a Jedi. Maybe it’s a stretch, cuz I have no mind control powers and at best I’m only second-rate with a lightsaber. 

But I CAN build wicked awesome websites.

Your website is just one stop on the customer journey.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need much more than an awesome website. 

What you really need is a marketing machine that will help you achieve your business and financial goals in a consistent and predictable way.

A professional-looking, functional website is a central cog in that machine. Without it, your online presence doesn’t stand a chance.

But on its own? It could be doomed to become a digital desert island from the moment you hit “publish”.

You're already an expert at what you do.

And you’ve already got too many plates spinning—you don’t have time to become an expert at web development and marketing too.

All of that is complicated, and best-practices are changing every day. What was effective last month may be ineffective or even damaging to your business today.

That’s why I keep up on all the current trends, practices, algorithms, and strategies—so you don’t have to.

A Marketing Consultant you can trust.

Hey there!  I’m Jeff Maughan, and I’ve spent the last 12 years working together with small business owners to develop websites, systems, and marketing campaigns for their businesses so they can focus on their most important work.

As an entrepreneur, you are a different breed. If there is anyone that could simultaneously juggle all the different parts of growing a business successfully, it’s probably you.

But if you want to work with a knowledgeable and friendly web development and marketing expert who has been down that road before and can wear some of those hats for you—and who speaks your language to boot—I’m your guy.

I’ve never worked with a web designer or marketing consultant who was more knowledgeable or skilled at building a great customer experience. Jeff takes the time to really understand our customers, and then he refines their journey to make sure they feel confident and engaged with us from their very first interaction.
Kathy Wilkins
Kathy Wilkins

Every department is the marketing department.

In today’s connection economy, every part of your business is the marketing department. Every communication, every interaction, every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to influence your customers’ perception of your business.  And be they  or be they , it’s easier than ever for customers to make their voices heard in the marketplace, which is why it is so crucial to make every experience in the customer’s journey a pleasant one.

How I can help your customers to

If you are not keeping tabs on all aspects of your online presence, then it is almost certainly costing you business through missed opportunities and/or disgruntled customers who openly share their feelings with other potential customers. Here are a few of the ways that I can help you create an online presence that will bring you new customers every day and help you keep your existing ones happy as a clam.


Crafting a message that will resonate with your potential customers so they want to engage with your brand is easier said than done. We'll work together to tell your story using a proven framework that will make choosing you over your competitors a non-choice.

Ad Campaign Management

From selecting the best advertising platform to reach your ideal customers, to crafting the perfect ad copy, and targeting only the potential buyers that are actually in your market, creating and managing profitable ad campaigns just got a lot easier.

Local SEO

People in your city are looking for your services. I can help make sure your online presence shines to give you every possible edge to out-rank your competitors in the local organic search results.

Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving, but it is still a huge driver of traffic and leads for those that know how to use it appropriately. Let me help you avoid the cardinal sins of social media marketing.


Have products to sell online? I can help set up a robust shopping cart solution that can handle everything from simple physical products and digital downloads, to more complex variable products, product bundles, and even recurring subscriptions.

Email Marketing

The most profitable marketing you will ever do is building and maintaining an active list of loyal email subscribers. I can help you avoid the mistakes that lead many marketers to proclaim that "Email marketing is dead!"
(Hint: It's not.)

Marketing Analytics

Having all the right tracking scripts installed correctly and being able to accurately interpret and report on the data in order to make smart improvements to your online platform is the most critical piece of the online business puzzle. Because even the most seasoned experts don't always get everything right the first time.

Custom WordPress Development

I specialize in developing highly customized, beautiful, high-performance sites that deliver an incredible user experience. All built on the backbone of one of the most widely used, most popular, and most robust platforms in the world. Let's discuss your needs and find out if WordPress is right for you.

Managed Hosting

I take all the pain out of maintaining your own WP website. And having fast, secure web hosting is every bit as important for your site performance and SEO as building a well coded website. No more worrying about bargain-basement hosting plans causing potential customers to click away because of slow page load times.

You’re smart. You could probably figure out how to do all of this on your own.
But that would mean less time for you to spend on the things that only you can do for your business. 

And that would be very uncharacteristic of you.

Let's grow your business together.

Stop worrying about whether you are doing everything right to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Schedule an obligation free call to find out how affordable it is to hire me as your “part-time CMO/CIO”.